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A competition on rollerskis needs some adapted rules compared with events in winter. Eventhough teh international competition rules for cross-country skiers are valid.

Here the most important additional rules:

  • for security reasons there is obligaory helmet and glasses use (IWO396.2.6)
  • The rollerskis have to be affordable in conventinal shops (IWO 396.2.1)
  • Cross-country skiing shoes have to be mounted on the rollerski with a conventional cross-country skiing binidng system (IWO 396.2.7)
  • Double poling for the first 70 m after the start (no skating allowed) (IWO 396.8.1.2)
  • Everybody is allowed to participate in the races (also non members of the ÖSV)
  • All participants have to provide a confirmation that they have an insurrance that also includes race-risk.
  • The organization and the involved clubs are not liable for any possible accidents, also in association with third parties.

Regulations for the main events in STR (50/30 km) and CTG

  • sprint price money will only be paid to athletes that finish the race.
  • Rollerskis can be freely chosen with the following regulations: Distance between the axis with a minimum of 530 mm and a wheel diameter of maximal 100 mm. (IWO 396.2.3 und IWO 396.2.4)

Rollerski regulations for the youngsters (1 lap) and youths (2 laps) for STR

  • free choice of roller skis with the following restrictions: maximal wheel diameter = 80 mm, minimal wheel width = 30 mm.
  • Recommendation: START 71.


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