The registration for the STR speedskating races are opened.


Use the early bird registration until end of May - only 30 Euro.

CTG: Saturday 1st Sept. 2018

STR: Sunday 2nd Sept. 2018

Registration will soon be opened. More details about the 2018 races will follow in the next weeks.


Based on the high amount of starters in the Inlineraces, we have decided to increase the pricemoney for the female skaters. So instead of the topp 3, the topp six female skaters in the category "Speed" will be awarded with price money.

 1. 400 
 2. 250
 3. 150
4. 100 
5. 75
6. 50
Summe 1025

german inline cup Groß

As an absolute highlight for 2015 we proudly announce that the Inlineevents during "Skate the Ring 2015" will be part of the  Bayern - and Austrian Inlinecup but also for the first time part of the "German Inline Cup". The comibnation of these three cups -. including the Austrian Marathon Championships - will guarantee a great starterfield, high amount of spectators and a high medial awareness. A nice feature will also be the great improvement of the price money for the participants of the SPEED Categorie in 2015  (Best Marathontime < 1:20 / 1:40) of almost 200% from 800 Euro up to 2350 Euro. For the men the first six (1. 650, 2. 350, 3. 250, 4. 150, 5. 100 und 6. 50 Euro) and for the women the first three ranked (1. 400, 2. 250 und 3. 150 Euro) will get pricemoney. For the Fitness categorie the first six women and first six men will get great and valuable prices out from our different sponsors. In addition the winners of each agecategorie AK5/9 up to AK70+ will get separat prices.

So what are you waiting for - the Registration is open. Teamregistration for the GIC teams over This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We wish you a great training time and succesful inlineseason, and looking forward seeing you on the 16th of August 2015.