Under the following LINK the registration (Anmeldung) for all races at STR 10.0 is open.

Please be aware about the "early bird registration" dates - end of May and End of June.



Detailed information about the time-scedule, race formats, rules for roller skis, etc. will follow within the next days


  • Main event Females & Juniors F and Males / Juniors M: Free choice of technique, free choice of rollerskis
  • Youthgs: classic technqiue, free choice of rollerskis
  • Resepcect international FIS rollski rules (see homepage - Rules).

SKATE THE RING (Main event = CLASSIC, Youngsters & Youths = SKATING)

  • Main event (50 / 30 km) & Fitness Halfmarathon (21 km): classic style, free choice of rollerskis (no "skating" roller skis allowed - each rollerski needs to have at least one ratched wheel)
  • Youngsters I/II und Youth I/II: Skating Technik, free choice of roller skis with the following restrictions:
    • Product from the market (no own- or special constructions allowed – no use of special wheels, e.g. Speedksating wheels).
    • maximzum wheel diameter = 80 mm; minium wheel width = 30 mm (28 mm Fischer Junior Skater)
    • distance between axis according to FIS rule: minimum 530 mm
    • Recommended rollerskis: Start 71, SRB JR04 Junior Skate or Fischer Junior Skater
  • Rollski rental youths/youngsters: We have a contingent of about 45-50 SRB Rollerskis for rental (5 Euro). Please make a reservation with reporting also your binding system via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Rollskis will be controlled at the start - wrong roller skis will lead to disqualification.
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-25% auf alle Rennroller für alle Teilnehmer
START 71 – statt 229.95 nur 159.59 €
Direkt melden bei Walter Wieser This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Three weeks to go and we published the official invitations for all the events.

Climb the Goas

Skate the Ring - Inline

Skate the Ring - Rollski

All registrations are now open (Inline, Kickbike, roller skiing) for both races CTG & STR. ATTENTION: Early Bird registration for Kickbikers until end of June.

Registration STR 2018

Registration CTG 2018

The registration for the STR speedskating races are opened.


Use the early bird registration until end of May - only 30 Euro.

CTG: Saturday 1st Sept. 2018

STR: Sunday 2nd Sept. 2018

Registration will soon be opened. More details about the 2018 races will follow in the next weeks.